Milisa Valliere

Artist Statement


First and foremost, I am a color junkie! I paint because it makes me happy to push oil
colors around (and when I am not happy it serves as good therapy).

I paint to look, think and learn how I feel about something and try to capture the feeling of that very moment. So, in a way, painting is my way of keeping a visual diary.

I like to travel to interesting places and paint en plein air but I equally enjoy setting up a still life or trying to capture emotions in an abstract. I always paint fast and usually to
music....loud, most any kind (rock, classical, world, blues, jazz). It fuels my work and
frees my mind to create without judgment.

About me in a nutshell: My parents were artists (dad still going strong). I spent a good
deal of my life traveling to various places they wanted to paint and was bitten by the bug myself. I married a music man who I adore. He keeps my music supply plentiful (and my emotions overflowing). We have two grown children, one passionate about food and the other about fashion.

After my recent sold-out show in Kansas City ("Fast & Furious" - 100 paintings in 100
days) I relocated to Columbus to join my husband. The time we were apart was very
stressful and challenging. I believe this current work came from processing and dealing
with those emotions.

Love As A Flower came to me one night as a dream. I got out of bed at 3:40AM and
had to start painting right away! True to my fast and furious spirit I captured six of the
paintings immediately. They tell a story of Reconnection, Passion, Forgiveness,
Afterlife, Communion, Beauty, Kindness, Freedom, and ultimately Paradise Found.

I hope you enjoy them! I enjoyed creating them. It is my goal to create art that
celebrates as much of life as possible.

Milisa Valliere is represented by Hammond Harkins Galleries

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